Cristina has a generosity of spirit, and a tremendous intuitive ability to understand one’s energy level and to listen to what resonates deep inside. I have had many  readings that are spot on and offer insight.  I’ve also had healing sessions with Cristina that gave me much needed peace of mind that lasted for weeks. Cristina gives little ‘homework assignments’ for us to do at home, which helps to continue the healing effects of her sessions. I also learned reiki from Cristina,  something 3 years ago that I never would have imagined I would be able to learn! I have been a client of Angels at Light  for 3 years, and have grown spiritually in ways I never would have dreamed of.  I trust Cristina, Cathi and the workshops that they bring to Angels of Light and know that as clients we are in the best of hands, and enveloped in kindness and love. Thank you, Cristina and Cathi for all that you do, for all of your love and guidance, and healing.
Much light and love and gratitude,
April D.

Cristina Burke is one of the MOST powerful healers that I have had the privilege of experiencing! If you haven't experienced Cristina's healing hands you are missing out ! The heat that radiates out of her hands is intense .... the Shamanic Healing is my favorite!



When you walk into the room for a healing session with Cristina, you immediately know that you're in good hands. Cristina is fully connected to source energy and can tap into the incredible power that is there for those who are highly trained and skilled as she is. At once you will feel the benefit of working with her and the transformation will stay with you for days and weeks to come. Cristina is a wonderfully gifted healer and I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of energy clearing and healing.

Ellen M.


I had IET with you not to long ago and it was the first time I had hear of or experienced it. It was a wonderful!!!! I went home with not a care in the word and slept wonderfully. I enjoyed it so much I am taking your IET class, wonderful teacher as well!!

Gayle L.


I am so incredibly grateful beyond words for Cathi & Cristina Burke.  You both are such beautiful caring souls and your Angels of Light Center & Divine Healing Light is so filled with peace, serenity, love & compassion.  I really enjoy learning about the mind~body connections to everything with you both!!!

LeAnne O.

I had an IET session with Cristina which was wonderfully relaxing. I felt amazingly clear and light afterwards. It inspired me to take Cristina's IET classes so I could learn this myself. Cristina is a great healer and teacher and has a very down to earth and gentle manner. I strongly encourage anyone to work with her!

Rachael M.


Cristina is a gifted teacher, I have had the good fortune of taking several classes. She is very knowledgable and highly intuitive, she has also given me several readings that were spot on. I would recommend her services without reservation, she is the best.

Andrea Z.


Cristina is an amazing healer! She is the best healer I have ever gone to!

Erica G.


When I see the work that you are doing Cristina, I smile, for from the day you were born I could see the Healer in you. Continue your beautiful work, share your gifts with the world, and may the abundance of this amazing world be your gift.

Cathi B.

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