Angel Synergy Reiki for Children

"Angel Synergy Reiki for Children and Teens” was created and channeled by Reiki Master and Early Childhood Certified Teacher Cristina Burke. Now more than ever the angels are working with Indigo and Crystal Children to culminate their healing gifts.  With the ever-changing energy shifts taking place here on our planet, it is up to the future generations of healers to work on healing mother earth and all her inhabitants.  The Angels are an integral part of this process and their energy will be well received by the future generations of healers. 


The Indigo and Crystal Children of today are born with a heightened vibration and spiritual knowing that far surpasses what we have witnessed in previous generations.  Their healing abilities and innate understanding warrants for advanced levels of Reiki training and attunements, which is the basis behind “Angel Synergy Reiki for Children and Young Adults.”  


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